“If there were hunters amongst the Hollywood stars,

I am sure they would have opted for Zinyathi

Situated in the lush green bush of one of South Africa’s prime hunting grounds, the three lodges Zinyathi, Kolobe and Mafula all forms part of the greater Zinyathi Game Farm, comprising and area in excess of 2750 ha. To get there is no problem, you can fly, you can drive and you can even go by helicopter, for this unique facility is only 360km from Gauteng. Apart from the ultra luxury of Zinyathi Lodge, where foreign hunters are catered for, Mafula Lodge ideal for conferences and other corporate meetings. Here the visitor can relax and during sweltering summers days drinks can be enjoyed in one of the five swimming pools build around the bar area. Kolobe Lodge is earmarked for South African hunters where all the usual facilities with self catering are available. A very basic and rustic camp is currently being built to even cater for those who want to be closer to nature. Should you get tired at Zinyathi, you are tired with life. The various activities available at Zinyathi ensure that the visitor will always be occupied regardless of weather conditions. Pool tables, swimming pools, quad bikes, walking trails, bird watching, DSTv, shooting range and game drives keep everybody busy.

Exotic species like black impala, golden wildebeest, white blesbuck and sable can be observed in close proximity. Other favourites like buffalo, giraffe and rhino can also be seen whilst on game drives or letting your hair loose on a quad bike. With all the facilities and activities available I am sure that should there be hunters amongst the Hollywood stars they would have opted for a stay at Zinyathi.

Huntable species like impala, kudu, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, duiker, steenbok, warthog, eland, gemsbok, waterbuck, nyala and zebra all occur in abundance on this vast property. Expert trackers accompany each hunter, whether he or she is a trophy or meat hunter. Resident professional hunters are to the disposal of foreign hunters. Skinners and meat processors ensure that the hunter’s trophies and meat are processed fast and efficiently through the well equipped slaughtering facility.

The staff at Zinyathi is well-trained and friendly. From the moment you arrive you are welcomed by smiling faces taking care of your every need promptly. The food, prepared by experienced chefs is absolutely divine and special meals can be ordered should it be requested in advance. The accommodation in all camps is superb and regardless of personal taste and pocket, the visitor can be ensured of only the best. Trained staffers will make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

The infrastructure is well planned and the many winding roads on the property take the visitor to the dense woody areas or the open plains. Marula trees appear in abundance and it is a known fact that this area of the bushveld is the most densely populated with these remarkable trees. Watering holes are fed by an elaborated pipeline system that takes water to the most related points on the farms. This pipeline system also ensures that many of bird species have became resident on the property.

When returning from Zinyathi one feels like awakening from a long and deep sleep, relaxed, focused and ready to face the challenges of everyday life again. Surely Zinyathi is the closest thing to paradise this side of the Limpopo River.